Plant Tags Lie

No matter how carefully planned the bed, there’s a decent chance that if it’s full of perennials, you’ll be doing a fair amount of digging and moving over time.  There’s one very simple reason for this:

Plant tags lie.

Sometimes, they lie outrageously.  My Agastache “Blue Fortune” was promoted as being 2-3 feet tall.  It’s even listed that way by the usually reliable Missouri Botanic Garden.  This is its first summer in the garden after a mid-fall planting.  It is 4.5′ tall and still going.  I tried to get a shot with myself for comparison, but my three-year-old ended up being a better measure.

me with agastache
It comes up to my collarbone. I couldn’t get close enough to get a good angle….
me with agastache
It’s a full two three-year-olds tall!

Much of the time, though, it’s just a result of the growing conditions.  Some plants are happier in different locations.  I have two Veronica spicata (Speedwell) that are supposed to be right about the same height, and the blue is much taller than the magenta.  It just happens.  And when it does…you shuffle!  Not much else to do.

Much of the daffodil foliage is still green in this garden, too.  I’m baffled by that!  It’s gone brown everywhere else.  It’s always brown by mid-June.  But not here.  Why won’t it finish dying and make my bed look neat and clean again?