Still More Cleanup

My house has the unfortunate property of having a driveway that’s lower than the surrounding soil.  This is likely due to the fact that the drive is 50 years old and surrounded by trees.  So this means that I have to spend a fair amount of time cleaning the driveway even though clippings never blow onto it when other people’s drives are mostly cleaned by wind and rain.

I had several months of leaves collected on the driveway, especially on the bit next to the side-loading garage that slopes downward to a small retaining wall.  (When you have tulip poplars, leaves fall all year!)  It took a couple of hours just to get that part decently clean with brooms and a shovel.  Given that it’s 40’ by 35’, this isn’t too surprising.  But it looks nice again…for now.  I’ll try hitting it monthly with the blower and seeing if it’s less work that way.  Sweeping it takes close to forever.  It does still need a decent power washing, but that will be a task for another day.

wormsI had the enthusiastic help of Daniel the whole time, who always wanted the exact tool I was using.  He also made a collection of as many earthworms as he could grab in a galvanized bucket, which I liberated at the end of the day when he wandered off.  He wanted to keep the snake we found, too.  I have a budding animal hoarder on my hands.  Amelia threw herself into “rescuing” the same earthworms, since my shovel was sometimes rough on them. As soon as I uncovered a bunch, she would snatch them up and drop them into the dirt.

baby snake
I also uncovered a baby snake!

I don’t have proper before and after pictures, but I do have during and after!

driveway cleanup during
Driveway cleanup after

The mess of pallets is from remodeling.  I’m going to have to have one more big haul-away to get all the remaining construction garbage out of my yard, but I have a couple of other large things I want in the pile before that happens.

I had to water by hand again today.  I really don’t care for watering!  But all my plants would die with ten days without rain.  It had really been too long, and they were all very miserable.  I found an astilbe I’d missed last time, and it was crunchy.  Yikes!  So I really had no time for anything else.